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Financial freedom is one of the most important and potentially effective methods of redressing the adverse effects of systemic socio-economic exclusion. People in minority communities have put their best foot forward to establish and grow their own businesses and statistics provide evidence of this.

Over the last decade, the number of minority businesses has grown by 35% to represent over 50% of the total number of startups established.

However, the proportion of businesses owned by minorities is still considerably low at about 4 million which is 18% of the total number of businesses in America. Nationally, black people own only 5% of the over 10 million businesses in the country.

Factors such as the lasting effects of exclusion and oppression have to a great extent contributed to the disproportionately low number of black-owned enterprises. However, the biggest challenges black-owned businesses face remain to be funding and access to quality business information. These are the factors that continue to hinder black businesses from attaining and maintaining profitability.

To redress this, we must come up with alternative ways of financing black startups and providing them with access to professional business advice and guidance. The money can then be used to expand production and to fund advertising and marketing campaigns. This will help spread awareness of black-owned enterprises and draw in newer clients. As such, we will effectively expand black business customer bases and enable them to compete well with other established enterprises.


On the other hand, professional business coaching will equip black entrepreneurs with new skills and knowledge that will help them make better business decisions. This will in turn translate to economic profits from black-owned businesses.

Therefore, we would like to call upon anyone concerned with the prosperity of black businesses to contribute to their growth by backing them financially. This is to be done through business sponsorship. 

A couple at a business meeting

By sponsoring a black business owner for a 12-month coaching program, your sponsee will benefit from:

Weekly Professional Coaching Calls
A 12 Months strategy Plan for Their Business
Custom Project Management Board to Stay on Task
Access to Our Exclusive Membership Portal 
Training to Develop an Innovative Business Mindset
Access to Informative Business Resources & Tools

The Benefits above will Empower

putting entrepreneurs in a great position to craft and implement innovative business strategies. This will not only make their enterprises more profitable, but more efficient and competitive. In exchange and appreciation for the sponsorship, you as a sponsor will be offered value in terms of positive publicity and press exposure. This will be done through widely-viewed and shared social media content and promo videos.

By Joining Forces

we can build, grow our own businesses, and make financial freedom a reality for our families and our community. Therefore, if you are able and willing to sponsor any black-owned business for a 12-month coaching program, you are invited to combine efforts with us.

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