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  1. Leadership

  2. Strategy

  3. Mindset

  4. Confidence

  5. Discipline

  6. Purpose

The world of business and commerce is complex and challenging even for the most-experienced entrepreneurs.

Therefore, it is essential for all business people to constantly sharpen their business acumen by seeking expert advice from qualified business professionals.

As an experienced business coach committed to assisting business people to exploit their full potential and drive their businesses to profitability, De’Shawn offers entrepreneurs effective and innovative business solutions that can easily be implemented. He does this through personalized face-to-face calls, digital correspondence, and live addresses and training sessions.

For live addresses at business events, De’Shawn covers various business-related topics that are essential to the growth of a business. He speaks at length and in vivid detail over these factors, explaining their individual significance to the success of a business and how entrepreneurs can manipulate them to achieve desirable outcomes.

Business Conference


Involves expounding upon the importance of sound and effective leadership in ensuring the smooth operation of a business, the qualities and methods of choosing good leadership, and the best leadership structures and models for businesses. 



Under this, attendees are educated on why sound and creative business strategy is a fundamental requirement for business success, how they can come up with innovative, practical business strategies, and the specific strategies required for success in specific business models.

Business Colleagues


Here, the audience gets to understand what a positive business mindset is, why it is critical for entrepreneurs to have, how it can be developed, and the benefits of a positive imdset both in business and in an entrepreneur’s personal life

Smiling Businessman


DeShawn explains at length how entrepreneurs can cultivate self-confidence and how useful it is in business problem solving and decision making

Business Meeting


Entrepreneurs are taught why discipline is the key to achieving any level of business success, how they can enforce discipline in their daily routines and business dealings, and tips on how to avoid slipping back into old habits as a result of not being able to maintain self-discipline.

Businessman on Laptop


DeShawn gets to define what purpose is, the importance of discovering one’s purpose as an entrepreneur, how to use purpose as a fuel to achieve success in business, and how to make both business and life decisions that are in line with your overall purpose as an individual.

To ensure that entrepreneurs don’t end up only with theoretical business knowledge and principles, DeShawn provides intensive training that equips subjects with practical business skills which make them better problem solvers and decision makers. DeShawn provides training in the following areas :

  • Creation of strategic plans

  • Leadership models and structure

  • Action planning

  • Project management

  • How to scale a business

  • Building value for teammates

  • Business organization

Book DeShawn Lyles today for your live business event/workshop and let him come to provide your audience with effective business solutions through his powerful public addresses and intensive training sessions.


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