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What technicians can expect


Here at Service Mastery, we focus on Value which gives us the ability to help you serve with a premium product which gives you the ability to charge a premium price.

We assist you in creating a sales strategy that will increase the profitability of your company by helping you take charge of .....

  • Your daily Operations & is key to a 7 figure company.

  • Optimizing your Operations which includes, successful routing / dispatching, training CSRs, complete Software systems.

  • Training in Sales which has a direct affect on your button-line.

  • Your customer & technician relationship

  • Alignment of proper territories and penetrating your target market

Here at Service Mastery, we focus on value, which allows us to help you serve with a premium product while charging a premium price. SMF and your team will communicate on a regular basis to ensure that you get off to a good start. Mentors, collaboration, peer-to-peer feedback and brainstorming sessions, and annual business limelight reviews will be provided. Our groups are sacred communities built on trust, respect, intimacy, and accountability. In addition, we will provide you with ongoing coaching and support from business experts.

Our team is always aware of what is going on with our clients' systems. You have to believe in what you're selling, and we truly believe that managed services are the best way to do IT. We have all of the core technologies ready for you and are looking out for your best interests. We will do an outstanding job of assembling all of the tools and resources you will require to do your job. We will go above and beyond to walk you through all of the essential functions required to begin selling and building your technology team.

We next focus on assisting you by...

  • Simplifying difficult procedures

  • Scale back on excessive workloads

  • Establish priorities.




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Your Managers

  • Maximize the potential of every human resources.

  • Recognize how each employee operates specifically.

  • Examine the team's values, capabilities, and limitations.

  • Assign tasks in accordance with individual strengths.

  • Find out if any staff have undiscovered potential.

Your Teams

  • Assist in creating a team structure that is more effective and efficient.

  • Provide a workable strategy for reviving the dynamics of your teams.

  • Bring out the diverse generations and use them for the benefit of the business.

  • Know where your team has gaps and how to fill those gaps by hiring the right individuals.

We work with service professionals and in door tech businesses who generate above 85k a year, have the necessary tools and equipment for the work and share my obsession for building great teams and value collaboration and partnership.

  • The first phone call is scheduled as soon as possible.

  • The format and pace of the meetings are tailored to your specific requirements in order to provide you with a customized service.


The various missions entrusted to me are carried out with complete discretion in a safe and caring environment.


I'm happy to welcome you to 1968 S Coast HWY, STE 1500, Laguna Beach, CA.

SMF provides you with access to critical knowledge that will allow you to focus on the business side of your company. You'll be able to improve efficiency and performance with a better understanding of your operation. We will assist you in expanding your services, increasing profitability, and enjoying a more streamlined business that allows you to take more time off and live a better life. Our consulting services cover almost every aspect of running a successful business.

Working with us you will

  • Learn how to expand your business in pace with your resources.

  • Learn how to identify and attract new customers.

As a Business Owner, your daily operations are the key to become a 7-figure company. We will assist you in creating a sales strategy that will increase the profitability of your company by

  • Assisting you optimizing your operations including successful routing / dispatching, Customer Service Reps, Software systems and so on.

  • Training in sales which has direct correlation with your button line.

  • Assigning a business coach to get supreme coaching 

  • Creating a customer & technician relationship

  • Alignment of proper territories and penetrating your market 

  • Coming up with fresh approaches to using the appropriate tools.

  • Capturing timely insights and acting on them.

  • Helping you build a strong national image that clients know and trust.

  • Establishing a consistent brand

We will make your company competitive in providing services or support with high standards of excellence in its respective industry, and we will transform your company into a standard and all-around technical services company whose services and brand will be accepted not only in Los Angeles, but also in other cities across the United States of America.

We will help you build a brand that focuses on providing customers with a professional experience and develop a strategy that will make you the company clients turn to when a technical issue arises, ensuring high customer service and creativity. We are driven to exceed our clients' expectations and go the extra mile without hesitation.

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