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I’m a senior coach strategist

My name is DeShawn Lyles, I’m an Honorable Air Force Veteran. I believe that discipline is the backbone that holds every organization's structure together. I am an entrepreneur, and Franchise Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Development Trainer, and Executive Strategist. I developed an Education program that assists individuals in transitioning from employee to entrepreneur and launching lucrative businesses.

Female Presenter



I earned my MBA from Texas Woman University in 2012. I have over 20 years of Business experience. I have served in Management, Financial Analytics, Corporate Development & CEO. I assist each member of an organization who struggles with how their expertise and worth combine to positively affect a company's purpose. I enjoy teaching Entrepreneurial Classes at my local church, and in my community, as well as educating and empowering individuals to realize their full potential.

I am enthusiastic about assisting businesses and organizations in improving their processes. I enjoy diving deep into your processes and culture in order to provide meaningful solutions that exceed your expectations. I develop innovative strategies and implement real solutions, with results across industries and roles.

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